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What is Rabbit Grooming Powder for?

I have received many questions with regards to the grooming powder I use for my bunny clients and how to use it. I also realised that many pet shops are encouraging rabbit owners to purchse grooming powder without providing the proper method of use. Hence, I have decided to write a short read to explain all of that!

Purpose of Grooming Powder

It helps to remove debris in the fur which sometimes brushing alone cannot remove it. Especially helpful with fur that is very matted, soiled with pee and poop. It helps to clump and dry up the damp, loose fur, making it easier to handle.

It also helps to scent your rabbit but often times your rabbit will most probably dislike the different smell of their body.

Correct Method to use Grooming Powder

Pour a generous amount of grooming powder on any part of your rabbit's body required. Work the powder into your rabbit's fur and start brushing and/or detangle its fur. With the correct brushing techniques, most of the powder will removed from the rabbit fur.


1. Do not pour the grooming powder on the rabbit's face/head. We do not want them to breathe the powder in.

2. Do not pour the grooming powder on your rabbit's body and NOT brush them. ALWAYS BRUSH THOROUGHLY AFTER POWDERING. We do not want the rabbit to ingest the powder by grooming themselves. If you have an issue or do not know how to brush them DO NOT USE GROOMING POWDER. Leave it to the professionals.

3. Do not pour the grooming powder AFTER brushing. Similar to point 2, it does not work that way!!!!!! Heavy misconception on the use of grooming powder.


Personally, I do not use any commercial grooming powder you see in the market, petshops etc. This is because many times the powder they sell contains different kind of chemicals and perfumes that might not be suitable for your rabbit (eg; talcum powder, kaolin clay). I only want the best for fellow bunbums, so I have decided to make my own homemade grooming powder!

Here's what you need:

  1. Corn Powder You can get corn powder (corn flour/cornstarch) from your local supermarket. I use pure corn powder as it is non-toxic and do no harm when ingested in extremely small amount (when used correctly). It can also be backed up as a first aid to stop minor bleeding if you accidentally cut a nail too deep. NOTE: DO NOT FEED RABBITS CORN. Rabbits cannot digest it properly and it will cause them to suffer from GI if taken in large quantities.

  2. Lavender Essential Oil (optional) Please get Pure Lavender Essential Oil from a reputable brand. I got mine from NOW foods. Fake essential oil has other impurities that might cause harm to your rabbit's skin even though we are not putting it directly on them. I chose Lavender as among all the other benefits, it helps to calm anxiety and relief pain. This helps me with really nervous and restless bunnies during grooming. You may also use a different NON-TOXIC scent for your rabbits or skip this step entirely.

  3. Powder Bottle I re-use mine from old powder bottles. Eco-friendly!

  4. Funnel To help me pour the powder into the bottles.

  5. Spoon I use a 30ML measuring spoon to help me measure my powder to essential oil ratio. You can also do it freehand if u wish. There's no right or wrong!

  6. Chopstick To push and stir the powder down the funnel and into the bottle.

  7. Scissors To open the packet of corn powder.

Steps to Take:

So I guess it is pretty straight forward.

1. Place the funnel above the powder bottle and pour 2 scoops of corn powder into the funnel.

2. Drop 2-3 drops of essential oil into the powder and use the chopstick to mix the powder up while you push the powder into the funnel.

3. Repeat step 1 and 2 until you fill up the whole bottle. I use roughly about 8-10 drops of essential oil for each bottle but you can add as much as you like. Preferably not too overwhelming!

Or purchase at

Hope this helps!

Binkies and Zoomies,


D. Fluff Lounge

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