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Rabbit Living Set-Up for Singapore HDBs

Many people believe that rabbits are easy pets that you can just keep in a cage and feed them. However, that is not true. In fact, rabbits are social animals that needs exercise and play time just like a dog. In the wild, rabbits love grazing and burrowing but it is usually hard to mimic this in our flats unless you are staying in a landed property with a garden backyard.

Hence, to compensate the lack of space and stimulation, we can still give them a good and comfortable life by providing them a playpen set-up and rabbit toys to entertain them.

In this post, I will share with you the minimum basic set-up you should be able to provide your rabbit.

*Note: This set up is for 1 rabbit only.

Here's what you will need:

1. 1 metre x 1 metre set-up Personally, I am using the C&C Grids (as shown above) for my rabbits. It is easy to fix and can be expanded if needed. You can also choose to use dog playpens instead. Just make sure that it's not too short and the holes are not too large . Or else you might have a jail break issue! A recommended height is about 1metre tall. However, some bunnies are professional high jumpers. If so, you might have to invest in a net cover or a taller playpen. They can be easily sourced from pet shops and 2. Litter pan Personally, I am using a DIY Toyogo and Ikea crate litter pans. However, you may also purchase the commercial litter pans available in pet shops. In my opinion, I find those commercial litter pans too small and are usually catered to cages. Hence, like many other bun-parents, I made a larger litter pan for my rabbits. Here is what you will need to DIY a litter pan: Ikea Litter Pan Suitable for 2-4 rabbits and bad litter habits. Not suitable for older rabbits due to height. Will take sometime to build the egg crate part.

  • Tray: Ikea Samla Box Article No.: 301.809.43 Dimensions: 78x56x18 cm

  • Plastic Grid: Lighting Egg crate and cable ties You will need to cut the egg crate into the suitable dimensions. To prop it up higher so that the poo and pee will fall below, you need to cable tie about 6-8cm of egg crate below to give it some height. You can get egg crates at lighting shops, aquarium shops or online.

  • Hay box (optional): Random basket with holes Get one with holes in case they pee in the basket itself. It is optional as you may also simply place the hay on the litter pan itself.

  • Pee pad or Recycled paper litter Toyogo Litter Pan Suitable for 1-2 rabbits Low height Easy set up

  • Tray: Toyogo Crate Model: ID3901 Dimensions: 53x40.5x8cm

  • Plastic Grid: Dog Plastic Foot Pad (search on ezbuy) Dimensions: 48x34x1cm The name is ridiculous as I have no idea what's it called. It is translated from chinese and you can find them on by searching that name.

  • Prop: 6 Chair Leg Protectors Place them at the 4 corners and the centre corners of the plastic grid to prop it up so you rabbits will not be stepping on their pee and poo

  • Hay box (optional): Random basket with holes Get one with holes in case they pee in the basket itself. It is optional as you may also simply place the hay on the litter pan itself.

  • Pee Pad or Recycled paper litter

3. Hidey House You can use a simple recycled cardboard box or buy fancy hidey houses for your bunnies. I have both and i would say cardboard boxes are more eco-friendly and cheaper to accommodate to bunstructions! 4. Toys I highly suggest toys that includes treats or food as most bunnies don't know what to do with toys unless they are motivated with food. You can DIY a simple toilet roll with hay and treats or buy pet shop toys. Toys help to entertain and stimulate their brains. 5. Food and Water Bowl You will need 2 bowls, 1 for food and 1 for water. You can also choose to use a water bottle if your rabbit tend to get itself wet by playing with water in a bowl.

The 1metre x 1metre set-up is suitable for 1 rabbit. If you have a bonded pair, please provide a 2metre x 1metre set-up. Also, do house your rabbit at a location that is properly ventilated and not too noisy as Singapore weather can get really hot. So there are days where we will need to on the fan or air conditioning to cool the rabbits down.

It will also be great if you could let your rabbit out of its area and explore the house whenever it is convenient for your schedule. Of course, if this is not possible, the playpen space is sufficient for your rabbit as well.

As much as it is not advisable to house your rabbit in a cage, if you feel that a cage is more convenient for you, and you are able to give your rabbit sufficient free roam and exercise time, by all means get a cage. I will recommend one with wheels and pull out tray for easy clean up. Also, try to get larger cages or those with 2/3 stories.

I hope this post has helped you with your rabbit renovations!

Binkies and Zoomies.

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