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Rabbit Hemorrhagic Disease Virus (RHDV) - Our Protocols

IN LIGHT OF THE SPREAD OF RHDV, D. Fluff Lounge will be taking the following actions to combat this virus and minimise risks for all our adorable clients:


  1. Disposable apron gowns and masks will be used for each household.

  2. All tools will be sanitised twice with 10% bleach spray (after grooming) and F10 veterinary disinfectant (before grooming) and placed in disposable sanitary bags after every grooming session.

  3. Please allow me to use your toilet to wash up thoroughly after each session.

  4. Fewer slots available daily to stagger timing for sanitation.


  1. Drop-off grooming will be TEMPORARILY PAUSED until the virus situation is controlled and understood.


  1. This is to make sure that your rabbit will be groomed in the safety of your own homes after thorough disinfection of all tools (See Mobile Grooming for steps taken).

  2. Prevents a possible cluster from appearing as environment is harder to disinfect than a person and tools.

  3. Prevents clashes with other bunny clients from different households.


  1. All boarding rabbits will be quarantined with no playtime.

  2. All boarding rabbits from different household will be placed at least 2M away from each other.

  3. Boarding slots will be reduced to 25% capacity.

  4. Effective disinfectants will be use for cleaning and sanitation purposes.

  5. No visitations allowed.

Steps you can take for your bunnies’ safety:

(as advised by House Rabbit Society of Singapore)

  1. Minimise contact between their pet rabbits with visitors and other rabbits, especially if you are not aware of their health status.

  2. Practise good personal hygiene, such as washing their hands with soap before and after being in contact with their pets or other animals

  3. Keep the housing and environment of the rabbits clean, as the virus can spread through contact with contaminated surfaces, and via insects such as flies.

  4. Bring their pets for veterinary treatment, if they observe their pets to be unwell.

Stay Calm, Stay Home and Stay Safe!

Read the following to understand more about RHDV.


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