Frequently Asked Questions

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How long does it takes to groom my pet?

Estimated duration is provided in the grooming section. It depends on how co-operative and how matted your pet is. My priority is to make grooming experience pleasant and stress-free for your pet.

Do you do last minute appointment bookings?

Appointment slots are first come first served basis. Hence, it is recommended that you book at least 2 weeks in advance. Popular slots are after 5PM and during the weekends.

Will you be on time for our appointment?

I will try my upmost best to arrive on time for every appointment. However, there are times when I will be later for our appointment due to unforseen circumstances. This could be due to a delay (heavy dematting needed) in the earlier appointment. Hence, I thank you for your kind understanding in advance.

Why are your charges slightly higher than groomers?

I have been learning and honing my skills as a rabbit groomer under Angie's Pets, a very reputable rabbit grooming expert in Singapore for the past 4 years. Hence, I am very confident in my handling skills for "bad-attitude" rabbits and my styling skills no matter how dirty, matted, long your rabbit coat is. I will be sure to make the whole session worthwhile for both pawrent and pet.

I tried calling you but I was unable to reach you.

I am unable to answer most calls as I am usually grooming or driving. However, please feel free to drop me a text/Whatsapp or email and I will reply you at the soonest.

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